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March 10, 2023

PSL WEEK at the agency

As part of #PSLweek, an interdisciplinary training week, we welcomed students from PSL University for a training session around "living cities: designing, building and inhabiting the urban worlds of the future."
After a visit of the Stream Building, the agency's manifesto building located in front of the TGI, the students invested our premises to prepare and present the results of their explorations.

March 10, 2023


The two levels of the Anthropocene

"The Anthropocene is above all a change in the condition of the Earth, but the fact that we have changed the condition of the Earth implies a change in the human condition. The profound message of the Anthropocene, in addition to its geological resonance, is deeply political: it is the idea that we can no longer conceive of the Earth and the world as two independent entities." Interview with François Gemenne, geopolitical researcher, specialist in geopolitical issues of the environment and co-author of the Atlas of the Anthropocene, published in the Catalogue of the exhibition Champs-Élysées, Histoires et Perspectives at Pavillon de L'Arsenal in 2020.

March 08, 2023


Ecofeminist Art: on the concepf of heritage

Inviting to exceed the logics of separation or domination of the modern project, the Anthropocene impacts the contemporary art, reviving notably ecofeminist practices, which for Tara Londi, take source in the feminist avant-gardes of the years 1960-1970. The criticism of the capitalist exploitation of nature thus joins that of patriarchal oppression. By revealing the unspoken history of women, indigenous people or animals, beyond visual and linguistic rationalism, the artists mentioned by Tara Londi revive animist and holistic visions of the world.

Among them: Donna Huanca, Charwei Tsai, Romana Londi, Jesse Jones, Marguerite Humeau, Ana Mendieta, Suzanne Husky, Zadie Xa, Mathilde Rosier

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January 01, 2022


Happy new year!

PCA-STREAM wishes you a happy new year!

December 20, 2022


Urban Co-evolutions

Through the long-term perspective specific to paleoanthropologists, Pascal Picq can analyze the evolution of the human line in view of the parallel and sometimes jarring history of its habitat. In particular, he highlights how changes in ways of working have been a driver of the radical transformation of urban forms throughout history. He considers that the conditions for a new wave of change that could thoroughly transform our cities are already established, and he calls for new forms of nomadic living, in terms of housing and ways of moving around, as well as lifestyles organized on the basis of fusion-fission models of society. He also calls for a return of anthropology into the city, in order to make it easier for residents to reclaim their space. A Stream 05 article to discover now!

November 30, 2022


Developing and Disseminating a New Ecosystemic Law

How can we then assign a new status to nature in order to better preserve it? For Marine Calmet, this involves moving beyond our attitude of domination of the living and productivist logics of growth and to instead think in terms of commons and the protection of the living. With the forward-looking curriculum Wild Legal, she explores and imagines the creation of new legal tools based on concrete case studies, in particular around the concept of ecocide, to protect the environment and imagine types of governance that could help achieve a more harmonious articulation of the local and global scales.

A Stream 05 article to discover now !

November 18, 2022


Technologies and metabolic city

The notion of urban metabolism can be viewed in several ways. From a quantitative perspective, by considering flows; from a political ecology perspective, by considering social factors; and from an urban design perspective, by considering the sum of intertwined environmental and social ecosystems beyond administrative borders. In each of these approaches, urban technologies and the availability of data provide exciting prospects.

Discover the article by Urban AI's Emerging Leaders !

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