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March 08, 2022


Rethinking Urban Spaces through Gender Mainstreaming

The city of the future will be more sustainable, leveraging technology and nature, but it must also be more inclusive, which entails conducting efforts to engage in reflexivity regarding the making of the city. For feminist geographer Leslie Kern, the urban environment is not neutral. It was set up to support standards and power relations and was long operated by white men from the upper classes. She invites us to examine a broader spectrum of needs of city dwellers and to reintroduce embodied reality into urban design. This results in tangible spatial interventions, for instance, on lighting and walkways, but also on social issues, around mixed use and taking into account marginalized voices in the decision-making processes.

March 05, 2022


Cities For People: How Paris & Barcelona Learned Urban Planning From Groningen

How can the individual be put back at the heart of urban policies? Following the example of Gronigen in the Netherlands, initiatives are flourishing in Paris and Barcelona to make cities desirable places centred on the well-being of citizens. Through the study Champs-Élysées, Histories & Perspectives, Philippe Chiambaretta looks at the need to rebalance the distribution of the public space in order to revive "the most beautiful avenue in the world". A documentary by Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo for Deutshe Welle.

February 18, 2022


Does the company cafeteria still have a future?

From virtual canteens to connected fridges, a whole range of innovations is gradually being introduced in office buildings. They are part of a fundamental movement that is shaking up our lunchtime practices. It's no longer just a question of space, but now also of experience. As is often the case, these innovations are provoking change as much as they are responding to our changing needs. Will the company restaurant be able to respond?


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