Faltbild Nach Rorschach, 2012 © Eric Stephany

OSREVER is an anagram of the translation of online software Reverso. The artists Nicolas Moulin, Marie Reinert, and Eric Stephany compiled theoretical texts on the desktop and then translated them via the online software from one language to another, to return to French. Autonomous and anticipated scenarios illustrated by a collection of referenced images, personal or stolen by the artists, OSREVER proposes a critical review of the fringes of the abandoned office building.

Nicolas Moulin is a French artist working through photography, video and sculpture.

Marie Reinert is a French artist working on the borders of performance. Her work is characterized by infiltration and parasitizing various contexts.

Éric Stephany. Trained in law, art history and architecture, Eric Stephany develops a work of photography and sculpture, following the traces of the German romantic concept of Einfühlung (empathy), which seeks to emphasize the way we project our emotions on the architectures that surround us.

WE CROSSED THE QUESTION of After-Office in Reverso. The question is not the one of the office of future but that of a future when the concept of the tertiary work will have so moved that there will be simply no more offices as such. Osrever is the mental reverberation of a concrete shape.

The associated language ensues naturally from this wave. It is a linguistic distortion of theoretical and personal texts translated by French in the Chinese, by Chinese in Russian, from Russian to Arabic, via German, then finally in French. It is the language of tomorrow. This obvious évidement reveals the skeleton of an obsolete function. The dégringolante curve of the world economy becomes our coffee marc to decipher the forms of future: those of the time of a dilated finance.

« Oserver » © Nicolas Moulin - Marie Reiner - Eric Stephany

"Us, Decadents, leave vulnerable tendons of nerve. Almost everything harms us and it is than what(whom) the Narrow causes what is probably going to warn the Prevention. But us, Etisalat, us? We support(bear) more and more the reduction of almost doses an hour of the truth but we prefer the drug of glasses full of a length. The images of the happiness behind known well, the roofs of the "easy" words, the feelings of inside, briefly the narcosis in kilo: do not wage war particularly in the wars."

« Oserver » © Nicolas Moulin - Marie Reiner - Eric Stephany

Monoliths forty - storeyed dominate the horizon of the Center. Burdzh the skeleton replaces the Environment. The center of the textile is constantly subjected to the treatments of the operations compulsory for the financial investments in favour of the capital of the capital of the continuation(suite) of property. The crumbs of Roger Le Der's van had begun to direct its work by the attack of the glass. The crew(equipage) of the domestic construction was limited. This organ quickly became an icon of a Chinese group because of a structural concern(marigold) piled on the heart. The construction of the rests of the place of the structure is everywhere. She says length about it on the load(responsibility) of a necessary change to support(bear) the adequate bodies of the Shoulder in the heavy cargoes used during the war. In the middle of the hole, an ideal place(square) is summit for the presentation(display) of the tasks of snipers. Known as the number of this constructive thought of the original tower, the Office(Desk) of the Functions(Offices) and the Military Tactics shows the panoptique way. At the beginning of the statements(declarations) of embrace of the Non-tower, the Kiss the one on the other one in the Chamber crossed itself. He(it) is crossed(spent) by the city of Jowhar.

The action(share) and the transformation(processing) of the party always seemed to be more explicit by considering the production of the social contract. The Session of " You will extend " is spread(displayed,deployed) in the factory of the Organization. The Center walks(works) on one of them and it establishes(constitutes) the official blow widening on diverse sectors. Here, we could correspond to the cycle of the term of the lack of action(share). A work of strategic materials(subjects) forms to move us to take the role of UNU in the production of the World Organization.The company examines actions of search to look for the research on the concept of the administration. The integration of the scientific effort of the work becomes the process of cashdesk  to work and walk. This working type, the friend, does not appear as soon as independent commander needs more funds to increase the capital of the capital. On the contrary, it is a reduced list free of architecture. We say that this work in the report of the controversial could not be solved. We believe that this report of attitudes with the capital of the capital does not make antagonistically.

« Oserver » © Nicolas Moulin - Marie Reiner - Eric Stephany

Vehicles were psychopaths fatter in this display of presentation and entertainment of the new search. The tests of information of concerted action concerned the evaluation of the intention and the capacity to press the resistance or the revolt. Opinion: take advantage that the owner is the most important - I do not so make - whether it is made for the love. The competitor should pay the same type of strategy whom the unique purpose destroys. If the highest thing is the profit, it is not the purpose: " The most important thing is to beat the competitor by most more ". I used an enormous energy: that of to damage him. He shouts with me but the decisions are so disabled persons. I feel that the trend is in danger. The experts believe that certain psychopathic staff arrived at the hierarchical levels. The researcher confirmed the test. This revelation of society, to recover from psychopaths and from severe soon psychological diseases of the methodology of test, records information for all before it destroys the world.

« Oserver » © Nicolas Moulin - Marie Reiner - Eric Stephany
« Oserver » © Nicolas Moulin - Marie Reiner - Eric Stephany


... To live how tomorrow, the causes of poisoning have not only more resistance in the organs of the slightest part(party) of the payment regardants, but also, the wreck is boring, and does not finish it of Shadi of ondelettes on the banks of the sea which rises. I know who(which) avoids vacation (notices to leave) to dedicate itself at the moment to the fact that became the universe. The disorder(confusion) is nervous in the end of time where from we apply the time(weather). They want to leave this world which looks like the waste of coincidences on the banks where there is, in the indifference, who sunbathe. Under the sun and the poisoning, at the origin of the Contract of Polystyrene, the blue boxes of softener of salt 526,500 date d " before the salt. I would like to stay. I would like to stay and the adaptation with me. We were worldwide moved forward to improve approximately 693,223 of the worst disturbances. I am confident.

« Oserver » © Nicolas Moulin - Marie Reiner - Eric Stephany

(This article was published in Stream 02 in 2012.)