Artificial intelligence is infiltrating architecture studios

  • Publish On 8 January 2024
  • Le Monde

Between dystopian imaginaries and the reinvention of practices, what is AI doing to architecture?

“Artificial intelligence is infiltrating architects”: it was after organizing a series of “AI and Creation” conferences at the Stream Innovation Center at the agency and integrating/questioning AIs in all our professions that we discussed the subject with Regnier Isabelle for Le Monde.

Philippe Chiambaretta, Etienne Riot, Léone-Alix Mazaud, Laélia Vaulot, Adrien Pointeau, Hugo Reichmann, Pauline Detavernier, Jasmine Léonardon: from architectural and urban research to 3D visualization, each field of expertise raises crucial questions for understanding the relationship between technology and creation.

A must-read!