Rue de la Baume

Giving a new lease of life to a Parisian office building

At the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, PCA-STREAM renovated an office building dating from the late 1920s. By conducting as light and rapid an intervention as possible, one involving no need to file for a building permit, PCA-STREAM revised the technical and aesthetic benefits of this building in order to radically improve its operation and its attractiveness.

An outdated office complex

Primonial chose PCA-STREAM to rehabilitate this office building located in the 8th arrondissement, close to Boulevard Haussmann. The building was designed in the late 1920s by André Arfvidson, a Parisian architect who had been strongly influenced by the Art Deco style and who had also constructed the very nice complex on 52 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, another site that PCA-STREAM is working on. The adorned façade of 20 Rue de la Baume, which is made of stonework and brick masonry, presents an elegant architectural style. Although extensively revised over time, in particular in its interior design, the building retains some of its original qualities. It is however not as legible as it once was and its image has been slightly degraded due to its outdated attributes. The intervention aims to preserve and to develop any features that are worthy of interest all the while upgrading the whole complex. The idea is to use as light an intervention as possible all the while providing a clear upgrade in the image and the operation of the building.

A second lease of life

PCA-STREAM has sparked new life into the building without tampering with its structure. The building totals 6,600 sqm on seven floors, which were rehabilitated with only minimal floor demolition (less than 20 sqm). The challenge was to carry out this operation as quickly as possible and without having to apply for any form of planning permission. A general revision of the technical and aesthetic qualities of the building was conducted in order to upgrade it to modern standards. The façade was restored to its former self, with special emphasis on repeating the design of the moldings of the eastern courtyard. The two skylights were restored, and the façades and the terraces were cleared of any obsolete technical elements. The accessways and vertical circulations were also redesigned to improve security. The offices spaces were optimized for size, flexibility and operation following a complete overhaul of the flows taking place in the floors. The intervention thus aimed to make the office building both functional and pleasant again.

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Top-of-the-range Parisian offices

Modern offices emphasize user well-being and comfort and foster encounters and exchanges. Here, PCA-STREAM focused on an open, user-friendly ground floor. The geometry of the lobby was fully revised, and now extends along the full depth of the building, hinting at a double height space further inside. The spacious atrium, which is both bright and pleasant, offers a clear and open plan that restores visibility throughout the building. Extending the reception spaces, it acts as the hub from which all of the accessways depart, and most notably the grand staircase that leads down to the cafeteria in the first basement and is placed under another skylight. The project plays on various degrees of transparency and the evocation of an intimate and luxurious atmosphere. The reception desk, the monumental staircase, as well as its railing are elevated through the use of hardboard sidings and highlights of leather or the warm glow of copper metal. Along the mezzanine, micro-architectures made of felt-lined wooden blades allow for the reception of clients in a pleasant and friendly area. On the upper stories, the courtyard-side terraces are freed up, covered with wood planking, and users are given access to relaxation spaces and a tearoom. Beyond its technical intervention, PCA-STREAM recreated a pleasant work environment that results in a real increase in the attractiveness of this quality building.


Client Primonial Real Estata Management
Program Rehabilitation of an office building
Location 20 rue de la Baume, Paris 8e
Mission Full mission
Surface area 8 500 m²
Cost 8,5 M€ HT
Status Completed in 2016
Certifications BREEAM Very good
Team — Assistant to the Contracting Authority: Orfeo Développement
— Environment: Green Affair
— MOE: Arcoba
— Structure: Khephren
— Plumbing/HVAC: Barbanel
— Economy: AE75
— Fire Safety: CSD Faces

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