David Ruy

An architect who has studied mathematics and philosophy, David Ruy is the co-director of the Ruy-Klein agency in New York, and professor at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, after teaching at the Pratt Institute and having lectured at Columbia, Princeton and UPenn. His architectural work is based on computation, algorithms, contemporary philosophy and critical environmentalism. He is presently writing a book on the aesthetic practices that are emerging from Speculative Realism.   Agence Ruy-Klein


Multiple networks of globalization

For David Ruy, the key change in contemporary globalization lies in the way it is narrated, departing from the naive optimism in the beginning and now moving on to new fears, with each technology seemingly creating its own threats. Nevertheless, humankind will not renounce this knowledge and we will witness the emergence of new worlds based on technological platforms that will provide them with both coherence and communicability. David Ruy is convinced that we are starting to experience a shift in the metaphor of nature, which in earlier times was based on divinity, then later on the machine, and now, on the computer. This connection between nature and computation appears in his eyes to be the major challenge of tomorrow’s architecture, as a hybrid practice informed by new concepts in philosophy, especially Speculative Realism. David Ruy is an architect, co-director of the Ruy-Klein agency in New York, and teaches at SCI-Arc à Los Angeles.


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