Hafid Ait Sidi Hammou

Hafid Ait Sidi Hammou is a CIFRE PhD student in the FNCCR's digital department, where he is researching the role of data in public network maintenance. As so-called "smart territory" projects have proliferated in recent years, data has become an issue for public policy at local level. Like many other countries, France is facing the problem of ageing networks and tensions over resource management. Taking a socio-technical approach, and combining studies on maintenance, data and infrastructures, his thesis aims to study network maintenance practices that highlight new circulations and uses of data.


"The network is alive" — Networks and those who maintain them

The French underground and aerial landscape is made up of approximately 910,000 km of drinking water distribution pipes, and over 1.4 million km of power lines. Indispensable in our daily lives, they are nonetheless invisible and increasingly questioned in the light of ecological and technological challenges that are transforming our territories. But can’t these infrastructures be seen as a heritage to be maintained and cared for?


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