Jean-Baptiste Fressoz

Jean-Baptiste Fressoz is a historian and researcher at the CNRS (Alexandre Koyré Center of the EHESS). His work focuses on environmental history and climate knowledge as well as on the Anthropocene. He is the author with Christophe Bonneuil of the book L'Événement anthropocène. In his latest book, Les Révoltes du Ciel, he reviews the history of climate change since the 15th century.


Histories and imagineries of climate change

Jean-Baptiste Fressoz is a historian of science, technology, and the environment. He contributed to popularizing the concept of the Anthropocene in France with his book The Shock of the Anthropocene, which he co-wrote with Christophe Bonneuil. With Les Révoltes du ciel [The Revolts of the Sky], co-written with Fabien Locher, he traces the history of our relations to climate change to put into perspective our contemporary vision of environmental issues.


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