Marty Van de Klundert

Marty van de Klundert is an architect, city developer, and owner of Spacevalue Ltd. in The Netherlands.   Spacevalue


Creating hotspots for the knowledge economy

The increasing role of knowledge in the economy fundamentally changes the expectations for contemporary work environments. Everywhere, with varying success, utilizes the “Campus Parks and Innovation” typology. Marty Van de Klundert and Willem Van Winden identify four strategic criteria of success: maximize the transference of knowledge by a selection of targeted individuals, manage the transition of business collaboration in the exploration phase and the competition in the operating phase; facilitate the emergence of on-site affiliates and start-ups; promote dissemination of knowledge both active (events, conferences) and passive (physical organizations on campus). If the effectiveness of these innovative parks stays uncertain, the fact remains that the intangible qualities of a work environment – image, design neighborhood – appear to be strategic in the knowledge economy.


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