Mathias Rollot

Architect with a diploma specific to architecture schools (DPEA) in philosophy and architecture from ENSA Paris-La-Villette in 2012 and holder of a doctoral thesis in architecture entitled Elements towards an ethics of dwelling. In the path with Günther Anders, defended in 2016 at the University of Paris-VIII under the direction of Chris Younès and Stéphane Bonzani, Mathias Rollot is a lecturer in theories and practices of architectural and urban design (TPCAU) at ENSA Nancy. He has also worked as an independent architect, as an investigating commissioner in Paris and as an expert for the European Europan competition.


Reinhabiting the bioregions

Mathias Rollot, PhD in Architecture, presents the “bioregion” concept, which was developed in the United States during the 1970s as a tool to describe the possibility of inventing new ways of living. By pushing beyond administrative boundaries, it allows us to deploy an imaginary (rather than a final map) of a territory that must be inhabited better, i.e., reinhabited.


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