David Pontille

David Pontille is a researcher at the CNRS and co-founder of the ‘Anthropologie de l'écriture’ team (CNRS/EHESS). His research explores the relationships between writing, action and cognition in different professional environments, particularly in science and law. He is a member, with Jérôme Denis, of the Centre de sociologie de l'innovation (CSI). Together, the two researchers have published ‘Le soin des choses’, La Découverte, 2022.


Jérôme Denis, David Pontille, Bérénice Gaussuin, Fanny Lopez


Restoration, transformation, maintenance

In this round-table discussion, the four researchers look at the issue of transition through the prism of the different notions of maintenance, transformation, repair and restoration. These concepts are reminiscent of the issues of destruction, reconstruction and rehabilitation in architecture.


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