Lucile Viaud

Lucile starts her studies at the École Boulle and obtains in 2015 her Superior Diploma of Applied Arts in object design. The same year, she launched her project, Ostraco, born in the context of her end-of-studies research. During her training, Lucile Viaud began a process of recovery of waste from the Breton marine sector to create a 100% marine material. She develops her own recipes by substituting little by little the raw materials present in the composition of the glass by materials sourced from the sea (shells, carapaces, bones, seaweeds), and thus obtains two materials: a marine plaster and a marine glass.


Geoglasswork: territories of materials

Lucile Viaud is a designer and “geoglass” artist. Working from salvaged materials, she crafts objects that carry within them the history of the territories from where the materials originate. Its snail or abalone shells, forgotten sands, and powdered seaweed are slices of fleeting time and result in objects that cannot be replicated.


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